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Hi! Don’t be shocked. It’s me, Zurina. Hmm, I don’t know how to start. Actually I’ve been tagged by my 2011’s bestfriend {Aznieza Maksit} to answer some question. It is in english, so I think I want to answer it in english too. To test how advance and how funny my english usage is. Ahaha.

Two questions about your blog

1. What is your blog's title and reason to make it yours?

  • Ukiran Janaan Minda l Elektromitoskopic l Luah Arti Jati Sejati.

Actually this blog is owned by 3 authors and we treat each other as family. This blog first named by my lovely brother {Alfian a.k.a Bobby}. He said “Elektro = generated by electric and internet. Mitos = words or narratives of various topics. Kopic = taken from words topic. This blog will review and discuss various topics by using Elektromitoskopic style”.

2. Your blog is categorized as a? ;personal, photography, food, place, fashion etc...

  • It is all about words of expression, experience and some entertainment.

Randomly about you

1. Your favourite colors.
  • Purple, white, black.

2. What is your happiest childhood memory?

  • Escaped from school with my lovely brother.

15 years ago, I only have Alfian as my sibling, so then we being so closed. Everything I’ve been through with him will be the greatest and happiest moment. Since my childhood till now and I hope till my last breath.

3. What is your all time favorite song? Link it from youtube etc.

  • Warkah by Bau {since 2007 till now}. Find it yourself on youtube etc.

4. What was the last song you heard?

  • Sampai menutup mata by Acha Septriasa

5. What is your favorite song during exercise/working out?

  • None

6. What song will you hear to get you sleep at night?

  • None

7. Who was the last person you messaged?

  • A friend.

8. What was the best vacation you ever had?

  • Industrial visit during university -–> Sandakan and Tenom

9. Food and beverages?

  • Soto and Horlicks ping.

Your favorite quotes

  1. Bersederhana di dalam sunnah adalah lebih baik daripada bermegah-megah di dalam kemungkaran.
  2. Woman is like the ocean. Do not let yourself drift in it.
  3. If we do not know the black, so we will not know the white. If we never feel the pain, then we will never appreciate the pleasure.
  4. It is better to light up just a candle, than to live in the dark forever.
  5. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. No one can stop it from happening, but Allah.

Your inspiration photo

This is my family picture. Taken during Alfian and I graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sabah on October 2010. They are my inspiration.

My Family

A smiling picture of you

I don’t really like to show off my picture to public due to some reason. So I used my little sister's smiling picture. Hope her smile will make you smile too.

My lil sister smiling picture

Finished! I don’t know what type of entry this is. Maybe you are now laughing at me. Reading my poor english. But at least I’ve tried. How about you? Hmm, I don’t know whom to tag. If you think this entry is interesting enough, so it’s your time to make your own.

Note: Honestly, I enjoy doing this. Yeeha! Nerd smile

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4 komenteraksi:

~NieZa~ said... [Balas Komen]

i alergik nama ku silap eja
sweet ni ko sma abg alpian...

Zurina J. said... [Balas Komen]

Nieza. Suda aku kasi betl namamu...ikiki..sory²..

Psl abg Alfian mmg perkara biasa tu yo, harap sampai menutup mata lah kan...:)


Aretikz said... [Balas Komen]

Weehuu ~ ko sengaja tayang muka mama bapamu kan supaya bgtahu aku itu mama bapa kta kan? uppsss.. haha..

Zurina J. said... [Balas Komen]

Nakal kau ya...
Sengaja mengkali..spy calon²ku nmpk muka familyku..sabtu ni dtglah rmh bw parentsmu jmpa waliku.wahahahaha..

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